Waiting for the flight home....

I'm here again, at the same internet cafe I was at the other day. I'm waiting for my 6:25 flight back to Manila, and since that happens to be a good few hours away, I figured I'd kill some time browsing the net and and posting this update.

It has been a tiring and hectic two weeks, being continuously on the go, and having to sleep at a different bed every other day. Thankfully by tonight I would be able to sleep on my own bed. While hotel rooms are quite comfortable, and everything you need happens to be a mere call to room service away, nothing beats sleeping in your very own bed at home.

Being on travel has opened my eyes and mind to a few things, which I would probably be discussing in future blog entries. Being stuck in an airport terminal waiting for your departure time, in a plane for an hour long flight, or in a van for a two to three hour drive, somehow gives you ample time to think.

I'm not really in the mood to go into anything else right now. I still have a hangover from last night's socials, and I must have downed about six or seven rhum colas, a couple of beers, and a shot of tequila. In fact, everyday since Sunday, days have invariably ended with the usual nightcap of a drink or two. Not that we're alcoholics, mind you, but being stuck in a strange town where you hardly speak the dialect or know anyone doesn't really give you much options with what to do with your time after the sun goes down. Of course, there's always TV, but nah... There's always TV at home, and there are sights to be seen.

I'll wrap up this entry for now. It will be a pleasure coming home. :-)


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