My Best Friend's Wedding

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Requested by Rain. Unfortunately hardly any servers host video clips from the movie, so here's the next best thing. This apparently is her favorite scene in the entire movie:

MICHAEL: Big weddings are so strange.
JULIANNE: You keep saying that.
MICHAEL: Kim has all this stuff to do, I hardly see her.
JULIANNE: Well, you've got the rest of your lives.
JULIANNE: Getting your bed made. Every day.
JULIANNE: You miss her, huh?
MICHAEL: No. I've got you.
JULIANNE: That you have.
MICHAEL: Don't you throw up on boat?
JULIANNE: If you like.
MICHAEL: I've been thinking a lot the last couple days. About us, actually.
JULIANNE: Have you.
JULIANNE: Well. There's a lot of memories to choose from...
MICHAEL: It's more than that.
MICHAEL: I mean, it's embarrassing to say it this way, but...
MICHAEL: You've sort of been... y'know, the woman in my life.
JULIANNE: You've been the man in mine.
MICHAEL: And I was thinking this could be our last time. Alone. Together. You know?
JULIANNE: Except for the hot affairs we'll have twice a year.
MICHAEL: Except for that.
MICHAEL: I can hardly wait for your wedding.
JULIANNE: Me either.
MICHAEL: Boy, I never thought I'd hear you say that. Can I come?
JULIANNE: I couldn't have it without you.
MICHAEL: It's normal to have... second thoughts, huh? To be scared.
JULIANNE: I wouldn't know. I never had that many first thoughts.
MICHAEL: I mean, you commit to a wedding. And then it seems like...this...momentum, you know? You forget you...chose it.
MICHAEL: You and I. I mean, in all our relationships with other people...We didn't use the word "love" a lot, did we?
JULIANNE: We didn't.
MICHAEL: Kimmy says. When you love someone. You say it, you say it out loud. Right now. Or the moment...
MICHAEL: ...passes you by, yeah. She's a smart girl.
MICHAEL: We don't have a song.
MICHAEL: Kimmy and I. We don't have a song. Is that a bad sign?
MICHAEL: (sings, softly) Someday, when I'm awfully low...And the world is cold...
MICHAEL: (sings)I will feel a glow just Thinking of you...And the way you look. Tonight.
MICHAEL: Dance card filled?
JULIANNE: I'll check. I have it on powerbook, these days.
MICHAEL: (sings in her ear) With each word, your tenderness grows, Tearing my fears apart...
MICHAEL: (sings) And that laugh That wrinkles your nose, Touches my foolish heart.
MICHAEL: Where did we first hear th...
JULIANNE: The night we met.
JULIANNE: The night we fell in love.
MICHAEL: So we heard, right that...that first...
JULIANNE: We danced to it. Just like this.
MICHAEL: I won't lose you, will I?
JULIANNE: No. Because I won't let you.


J said…
one of my piborit movie :)

have a great w/e :)

cheers !
Ronald Allan said…
Mine too. :-) Have a great weekend as well. :-)
rain said…
hey, as teary-eyed!grrr just love this scene, their's not a nice feeling, losing someone that you've always thought ull be loving forever and knowing that he/she is happier that way...just tears ur heart apart,doesnt it? thanks for the post...
Ronald Allan said…
Tell me about it. :-) Yeah it is. No problem...:-)

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