Stronger Storms, Greater Strength

An inspiring message by Bo Sanchez. Sent to me via email by Obet. Now I would like to take this opportunity to share it with you people.

I like eagles. These creatures are swift and reach amazing altitudes.

Other birds cower at the thought of even nearing one thousand feet, but eagles go twenty thousand. And while others seek shelter during violent storms, eagles soar through the raging winds, and they actually "have a ball."

Its secret? It doesn't fly.

The eagle soars. You see, it doesn't use the energy of its wings to move about. It wisely takes the power of the rushing wind, catching its qu iet force behind and beneath him. And that is why they love the storm: The stronger the wind, the greater their strength.

Eagles make me think about how I try to do things on my own, propelling myself to reach higher altitudes by the vigor of my own wings. No wonder I tire easily. But if only I allow the Glorious Wind of His Spirit to move my soul, to carry me beyond my own failures and weaknesses...I can boldy face the most difficult situations, soar through the most violent of storms. Yes, the greater the prob lem, the stronger I can become.

"Strength of my soul, desire of my heart, let me trust in You completely: Let me give to You all the that assails me, that I may fully rest under the shadow of Your wings".

Reflection: Tired of flaping your wings? Soar in the mighty wind of the Spirit. He will take you to a place of rest.

Bo Sanchez


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