More Sights in Cebu....

This blog is starting to turn in a photoblog of sorts, with all the pictures I'm posting. Well, I don't really get to travel often, so I guess some pictures from the places I've been would be a welcome change, well at least for the time being, from all the essays I keep posting.

Here are some more noteworthy sights in Cebu:

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The Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge. The second bridge constructed connecting Mactan Island with the Cebu mainland. Named after the late Marcelo B. Fernan, former Senate President and Supreme Court Chief Justice.

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Magellan's Cross. It's located in front of Cebu City's city hall, along Magallanes Street. Some say the real cross is encased this wooden cross for protection, while others claim that this is just a replica. Well, whatever it is, it is still the symbol of Roman Catholicism here in the Philippines.

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Plantation Bay. Years have passed since I last been here. Not much has changed though. Unfortunately the prices have gone through the roof. Peak rates range from US$ 220 for a lagoon view to US$ 680 for a penthouse. I have to say that it can be worth it. Its pretty beautiful out here.

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The Village. Apparently this is the place to be if you want to sample Cebu City's nightlife.

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Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. One of Cebu's finest hotels. Wish we could have stayed here instead. :-)

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Even Cebu City is not spared from the political controversies in Manila.


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