My son, the writer....

In order to practice my son's penmanship (which is quite atrocious, like mine when I was his age), I told him to write down a short story from his own imagination. The story below is what he came up with. This is my son's third attempt (according to him) at writing a short story. All the words are his, but I did have to make some corrections to his spelling and grammar. He originally spelled names with small first letters, the word happened as happend and believe as beileve. The artwork is also his. Who knows? Maybe he could be a great writer someday. Or at the very least, a contributor to this blog. :-)

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The Fantasy Tree
by Ronald Anthony

One day, Jack planted a tree in their garden. Months had passed since Jack planted the tree. Then one day, a mysterious thing happened. Jack couldn't believe what he saw. The tree grew strange fruits that he never saw before in his entire life.

Jack told his mother, but she didn't believe him. Then a few days later, Jack's mom came home from work very sick with a high fever. The illness lasted for days, and the medicine she took did not help. Then Jack had an idea.

This idea was to give mom a fruit from the tree for her to eat. He had this idea because two weeks ago, Jack gave a piece of fruit to his baby sister Erica. To his surprise, a weird thing happened. His sister's asthma disappeared. Jack thought that the fruit could cure any kind of illness.

After giving his mother a piece of fruit, her fever faded. Jack and her mother were very happy.

To be continued...


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